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Germ X Advanced Hand Sanitizer

This germ x advanced hand sanitizer is designed to protect your hands from bacteria and protect you and your hand. It has a 75% alcohol content which makes it gentle for the skin and easy to use.

Germ-x Hand Sanitizer 12 Oz

Looking for a hand sanitizer that can keep you clean and healthy? germ-x is just the! This 12 oz. Hand sanitizer is full of fresh, natural, and organic ingredients, so you can be sure to get the perfect amount of clean every time. Plus, this hand sanitizer is fast, easy, and effective – so you can be sure to get the clean you need!

Germ-x Advanced Hand Sanitizer

The germ-x advanced hand sanitizer uses 25 small bottles of gel for the amount of 75 alcohol. It has a dimensions of 7. 4"w x 3. 38"h x 1. It is made of plastic and has a white color. The germ-x is available in a black color. original scent of cleace advanced 75 alcohol hand sanitizer gel. Soft, fragrant, and slightly sweet. Lightly fruity. Preview scented hand sanitizer for people who love to go out. Fragrance is slightly sweet, lightly fruity, and slightly sweet. This is a 25 small bottle product and is 3. 38 oz. this sanitizer is perfect for when you need an alcohol hand lotion or gel to keep your hands clean and dry. It comes with 25 small bottles of cleace advanced 75 alcohol hand sanitizer gel, each of which has 3. 38 ounces. This sanitizer is ideal for busy moms or anyone who wants to protect their hands fromboring! cleace advanced is a 25-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer that contains 75 micro-emitting molecules to prevent stings and irritation. It is also thought to be effective at protecting the skin from contact with water.